YUTE Teach



The YUTE Teach is part of YUTE’s continuing efforts to provide skills training, personal development, mentorship and employment opportunities to underserved youth between the ages of 16 and 29 from underserved communities in the Kingston Metropolitan Area (KMA), YUTE Teach will provide 12 months of teacher training, work experience, mentorship and support, in the field of Early Childhood Development for forty (40) unattached youth. YUTE will also promote and strengthen early childhood education within targeted underserved communities by implementing initiatives focus on literacy and numeracy in benefiting schools. YUTE Teach is an initiative of YUTE with funding from American Friends of Jamaica (AFJ) and ICD Group Holdings Limited; and training in partnership with HEART NTA and the Early Childhood Commission. YUTE Teach will not only equip and prepare its beneficiaries to successfully transition into the workforce, it will also benefit children enrolled in the selected schools who will receive more individualised attention. YUTE recognises that children are the foundation of sustainable development and the early years of life are the most crucial in terms of physical, cognitive and educational development. Through the training of our participants YUTE Teach will provide the overburdened education centres within the inner-cities with trained personnel who can play a vital role in building human capital, decreasing the level of inequality within the school system and over the long term, breaking the cycle of poverty.