Meet the TEAM

Sharlene Brooks, Community Engagement Officer – Creating Opportunities for the Vulnerable: Not a Job But a Way of Life

As a Community Engagement Officer, I work alongside youth in communities to help build relationships with key people and organisations, and to identify common concerns. At YUTE, I assist in creating opportunities for unattached young people from vulnerable and underserved communities to learn new skills, which will allow them to be employable. YUTE is in the business of changing lives and fostering social inclusion and equality. Working with at-risk youth is a passion of mine; it does not feel like a job, but more like a way of life.

Cadeisha Campbell, Dip. Bus Admin, Administrative Assistant and Accounting Clerk – Ensuring YUTE Runs Smoothly: Proud to See Others Like Her Succeed & Overcome

I am an assiduous professional, likened to a rubber tree: I am flexible and resilient. I live in a community plagued by poverty and I was once told that I would never amount to anything. I have proven my naysayers wrong, earning a Diploma in Business Administration from HEART NTA. As the Administrative Assistant/Accounting Clerk at YUTE Ltd, I ensure that the organisation runs smoothly and effectively. My work is very critical because it is the heart of the organisation. I look forward to work every day, to see the opportunities being created for the young men and women of this country. I am proud to see others, like myself, succeed and overcome.

Taneshia Stoney, Project Manager – MYF is a powerhouse guided by empowering young people. I’ve dedicated my life to helping to improve this nation- now I continue to do so with MYF

My first engagement with MYF in 2018 exposed me to a team that was professional and passionate about youth development. Cognizant and appreciative of the strides made by this powerhouse it was ordained for me to join such a magnanimous team. I look forward to working with a team whose mandate is nation building.